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Aura Gods NLS Bioresonance Health Diagnostic Test

The most advanced medical health diagnostic technology available today 

Manufactured in Germany and used by European and Russian physicians as an adjunct screening tool, a gentle and non-invasive device sends out an electromagnetic wave signal of extremely low intensity to the biofield around the brain and nervous network via specially designed headphones.  Through variations in the resonance of biological tissue, the Aura God's NLS device may identify any ailment within the body. Everything, no matter how big or little, vibrates at a unique frequency that is distinct from the frequency of every other substance. Any organ, tissue, cell, DNA, or molecule found in the human body may be detected by the Bioresonance, which can also match its frequency. It automatically locates genetically based cell alterations and corrects the imbalances.

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Aura Gods Non-Linear Scanning (NLS)  System safely and accurately scans your body in pinpointing all of the contributing factors of your health condition and getting to the root cause.

  • Safe

  • Effective

  • Accurate

  • Painless

  • Non-invasive

Our NLS bio-resonance testing system is able to trace any condition in the body through changes in resonance of body tissue. Every object, small or large has its own individual frequency or oscillation that vibrates at a different frequency from any other substance.

The Hunter Metatron can detect and match the frequency of any human body part, organ, tissue, cell, DNA or chemical.

It automatically detects and localizes cell changes down to a genetic level and corrects the imbalances.

In a 2hr Bioresoance Health Diagnostic may discover:


  • What allergies or sensitivities you may have

  • What foods are the most suitable for you

  • Status of each of your body systems, organs, tissue, cells and DNA

  • Status of your immune system

  • How bad bacteria, parasites, fungi or viruses are affecting your health

  • If you have nutritional deficiencies

  • If you are taking the right supplements

  • And if you have inflammation in your body

  • Why your energy is so low

  • How your digestive system is functioning

  • Why you have difficulties maintaining your weight

  • Why you are fatigued

  • How your lifestyle is affecting your health

  • How your genes are impacting on your health

  • If you have heavy metal toxicity

  • If you need antioxidants

  • And if your body organs functioning at their optimum level

Healing on the Aura Gods Non-Linear System

We are aware that a singer can break a glass into fragments if they can find the correct vocal pitch. By modifying the Biofields vibration's properties, the same holds true. Any microbe, including any diseases that humans can have, can be recognized by Aura Gods NLS device. The "energy of destruction" is unique to each cell. Since the frequencies of the pathogen's annihilation do not coincide with those of any other items of bodily tissue, nothing else is impacted.

Aura Gods NLS device has a broad range of mineral and gem healing, enabling it to choose a crystal's vibration that is most appropriate for a given situation and to use crystal litotherapy.

Aura Gods NLS device has the ability to assess not only human body tissues but also the ultrastructure of microbiological agents, viruses, helminthes, rickettsia, and toxoplasms, as well as determine the most effective antimicrobial drug.

A sizable database of pharmaceuticals, herbs, dietary supplements, and homeopathic medicines may be found in the Aura Gods NLS device. Homeopathic medicine is manufactured for administering after being automatically selected by software in the proper potency.


Consisting of ; 


⭐️ Detailed body scanning,  investigation and treatment 


Investigation includes: 
⭐️ All pathology at any level i.e. body organ, tissue, cell, or DNA
⭐️ Or at the level of disease (acute, chronic, or degenerative)
⭐️ Allergies, food sensitivities, and preferred foods 
⭐️ Pathogens (precise bacteria, fungi, virus, etc)


Treatment means; 

⭐️Finding and zapping specific pathogens 
⭐️Treating any body organ, part of it, tissue or cell with Meta therapy, crystal therapy, homeopathy, and/ or acupuncture 
⭐️ Making homeopathic, phytotherapy or crystal remedy o take home. 

Follow-up treatment session – 60 min

Initial Bioresoance  NLS 120 min session 



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