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Frequency Healing

The Next Level in Quantum PEMF & RIFE Healing

PEMF Tachyon BioRejuvenation

With the use of frequency therapy, the body is better able to communicate, resist sickness, and repair, regenerate, and mend its many systems and organs. At Aura Gods, we use the most cutting-edge Pulsed Tachyon BioRejuvenation® vortex coil in the world, which produces a strong square-wave centripetal field that is comparable to the Tesla Bifilar coil NASA uses to provide subsonic PEMF therapy to astronauts who have just returned from space. PEMF therapy equipment has been widely utilized for years by medical professionals, for personal use, and even by NASA on the space shuttle, the agency that was at the forefront of the study into its advantages.


In reference to the invention of this new technology, Dr. Oz claimed on a recent televised production that PEMFs work to improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification, and the capacity to regenerate cells. PEMFs also work to reduce pain, inflammation, the effects of stress on the body, and platelet adhesion. The immune system is also balanced, RNA and DNA are stimulated, bone and soft tissue healing is sped up, and muscles are relaxed. A fantastic complementary cancer treatment is frequency therapy.

In order to activate your stem cells and bring them back into alignment, our gadget enables Biophotonic healing impulses to be given not only to the top layer of your body but also into the marrow of your bones using the force of tachyons. Through advanced procedures, frequencies are smoothly and pleasantly supplied to the body throughout this therapy. Please watch the video below to understand more about the power of frequency healing.

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META Therapy is a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic approach that makes use of the patient's own "ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillation." The technique was created in 1977 after being developed by the electrical engineer Mr. Erich Rasche and the German doctor Dr. Franz Morell. This therapy isn't an electric therapy, it's not radiation in any way, and it's also not a sort of treatment that requires faith to work. It is supported by scientific research, which has been confirmed by recent work in the area of bioelectromagnetism, and it is based on more than 30 years of experience. Meta Therapy automatically harmonizes different aberrant oscillations emitted by the body in order to restore the organism's normal ability to survive both acute and chronic disorders.



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Can't make it into our office?

Aura Gods is the premiere in-home concierge holistic service. If you can not make it to our office, our care specialist will come to you or you can schedule a remote service via zoom. Below are the areas we schedule at-home visits.

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