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Whether you need a Reiki Healer, a Shamanic Healer, Frequency & Sound healing, a Spiritual Life Coach, a Breathwork facilitator, a Meditation Coach, a health diagnostic, or a holistic care plan, we have your back. No need to waste time driving anywhere.  Our practitioners will come to you or you can schedule a remote service via zoom. Aura Gods is the premiere in-home concierge holistic service for Studio City, California.

We bring energy healing & holistic care to your home. 

Getting Care Is Easy!


Tell us what is bothering you and register online.

02 Get Care At Home.

Describe the item and add all the relevant details you would like to share. Double click to edit the text and change the description.

03 Get the Right Care Fast!

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01 Set Appointment.

Tell us what is bothering you and register online.

We will dispatch a care specialist to your home. You can track them in real time!

Your holistic care provider will evaluate your condition and offer you the best treatment options.

What clients are saying

Don’t just take our word for it – check out some of the latest customer reviews for our Studio City Clients

Thomas,  Studio City, CA

I was going through a difficult time in my life and felt disconnected from myself and the world around me. That's when I stumbled upon Aura Gods' spiritual healing services in Studio City. Their reiki and energy healing sessions helped me to realign my energy and find a sense of balance. I felt so much lighter and at peace after each session, and I truly believe that their holistic approach was instrumental in my journey to healing. I highly recommend Aura Gods to anyone seeking a fresh start.


Energy Healing





Life Coaching




& Yoga

Advanced NLS

Bioplasm Scan

Common Studio City Client Questions

In what area will Aura Gods be providing service?

Aura Gods is currently servicing the Greater Los Angeles, CA Area, Beverly Hills, CA A, Santa Monica, CA, Venice, CA, Long Beach CA, and will soon be in Orange County, CA, San Francisco, CA, and Denver, CO. If you have questions about availability in your area, call us at (323) 794-7983.

Will someone be entering my home or can I choose a preferred location?

Currently, our only physical location is located in Hollywood, CA. All of our healers and practitioners can either come to you or do remote work via zoom. 

Who will be administering the care?

Our care specialists are reiki, shamanic, and pranic energy healers; life coaches, breathwork and yoga teachers, psychiatrists, holistic practitioners, and massage therapists. Our care specialists have worked in the most advanced academic centers in the region and have extensive experience in administering care in a safe and comfortable environment.

How quickly am I able to schedule my appointment?

We aim to schedule your appointment within 4 to 6 hours. Our wait times fluctuate depending on the demand.

What does Aura Gods treat in Studio City?

Aura Gods treats a variety of medical conditions in Studio City. From anxiety to depression, to chakra balancing and alignment to sore throats to STDs, to obesity, and cancer,  etc. Aura God's qualified practitioners provide mobile care, at-home health diagnostic testing, virtual mental health, and telehealth visits for many non-life-threatening medical conditions.

How quickly does a Aura Gods practitioner arrive at my home in Studio City?

After scheduling, a visit usually takes 1-2 hours until a healer or practitioner arrives at your location. However, there may be times when it takes longer due to the number of patients scheduled that day. When scheduling a visit, you will receive an estimated arrival time. You should expect to wait approximately 2 hours for a visit after scheduling a visit.



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