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Aura Healing: Full Guide

The majority of us will only have fleeting experiences with our auras, such as meeting a clairvoyant who says, "Your aura is really purple," or seeing a photograph of a multicolored bubble surrounding one's face. Another option is to adopt a cynical outlook, in which case—what? Many people think that the human body is surrounded by an unseen electromagnetic field called the aura, which has more than just cosmetic value.

The aura, according to proponents of energy medicine, is a semipermeable field of energy that acts invisibly to both inform us about our surroundings and shield us from harm. But if you believe in the existence of an aura, then you know that it, like the rest of your body, needs frequent care and attention for optimal performance.

Kimberly is an expert clairvoyant, medium, and master healer who may offer guidance if you're still developing your third eye. Size, quality, and the messages reflected by your aura are, in Kimberly's view, the most crucial aspects of your aura. Moreover, according to Kimberly, you will be well on your way to a more mindful way of life if you learn to mend and safeguard these three qualities. Don't rely on rigid, definitional guides in place of your innate knowing, she advises; instead, rely on your sense of touch. Not able to make out any details? That works, too. Just follow along with Kimberly's instructions.


First impressions count, and your aura may reveal more about you than your actual words. It's a bubble that covers your entire body, including your head, feet, chest, shoulders, and arms. It acts as the outer layer of your energy body. The distance between you and it might be as little as a few inches at times. However, the average person may expect it to grow to a distance of two to three feet beyond their skin. There are also others whose auras are so expansive that they take up the entire space around them.

Let's check

If you close your eyes, you may be able to perceive your aura's whereabouts. To follow your intuition and treat oneself with kindness. In what direction does your aura bubble reach in front of you? Many of you will be able to physically observe it, while others of you will be able to feel it. Don't doubt the thoughts that cross your mind. You may test it out by picturing extending and compressing it a few times. You may extend it as far out as twenty feet and contract it so that it is barely one inch off of your skin. Doing so will allow you to experience the sensations associated with each size and eventually settle on one that is comfortable. The size that seems the most comfortable is typically the size it tends to be.

As you opened your eyes, what did you feel? You may like or be terrified by the sensation of your aura extending out to a radius of five feet. A similarly shrunken aura, measuring only a few inches in radius, might make some people feel at ease while making others uneasy.

Extended Auric Field

Have you ever noticed how certain people just seem to draw you in? They’ll stroll into a room, and everyone will notice. They won't speak up, but they won't be forgotten, either. That's what happens as your aura grows. There isn't enough room for all of these folks. Not with their actual selves, their actual voices, their actual scents, or anything else tactile. Keep an eye out for them to learn more about the effects of a broadened aura. Everyone is keeping a close eye on them regardless of how quietly they move.

When your aura fills the room, you and everyone else there will experience an instant bond. Having a huge, powerful aura doesn't have to seem distant or unapproachable. Take, for example, the situation when you must present yourself in front of an audience, such as an audition, an interview, or a public speech. You’ll want your aura to spread further out. You'll want to exude confidence and make an impression wherever you go.

When you feel like you're being pushed out of your own life is another instance in which you might wish to increase the size of your aura. If you're feeling unimportant or invisible, try increasing your aura's size and seeing how the world reacts.

In other words, if everyone seems to be feeling you, it's probable that you, too, are sensing everyone else. Many empaths and other extremely sensitive people, could be able to sense the whole room because of your enlarged aura. People among you can start attributing their own concerns and opinions to those of others. Sometimes it might make you feel like you have to constantly defend yourself rather than take the initiative. To a similar extent, it can make some people too reliant on approval from others. If you learn most about who you are from the opinions of others, you might want to rein in your aura a little. You should get to know yourself and find some calm before you can interact with the world around you with the same level of enthusiasm.

Contracted Auric  Fields

On the other hand, some people aren't all that remarkable. It's possible to have a fifteen-minute chat with someone and then have to introduce yourself to them the next time you see them. Whoa, that radiance is really condensed! For some, the ability to remain faceless is a source of comfort. Want some time to yourself? Just bring in your aura. A shrunken aura might assist when you feel as though the world, politics, your environment, or other people are closing in on you. It's the equivalent of switching to stealth mode. I normally keep my aura small, except while I'm lecturing. I'm an introvert who thrives on quiet time alone. When I suppress my aura, it's like putting on a mask. As opposed to having an enlarged aura, this feels more natural to me.

However, this may be a challenge if you're trying to find a common ground. Even if you and the people around you are undoubtedly overjoyed and celebrating, if your aura is narrowed, the effect may be negligible at best, and maybe even hurtful. There will be a muting effect on the reception of what you say.

Size has no inherent value or disadvantage. Intention and personal taste have a larger role. Some of my pupils in New York City, for instance, like developing a larger aura in order to get others out of their way. People will be running as they stroll down the street. On the same congested sidewalks, I have other kids who do the complete opposite. They protect their aura like a child and claim to be immune to chaos because of it. Feel free to shut off your aura if you need some privacy. Need some interest? Become a sphere of influence that extends in all directions. I constantly switch between the two, depending on the circumstances. It may help you to make sense of your emotions and experiences if you are aware of this and often check in with your aura. You may now tailor your experience to fit your own needs and preferences.


Your aura, like your skin, is a protective barrier. It marks the boundary between yourself and the rest of the world. When you have solid limits set up, your body can function as a healthy ecosystem unto itself. The health of your personal environment might be jeopardized by having inadequate boundaries. Keep this in mind while you investigate the nature of your aura; doing so may shed light on a number of puzzling aspects of your personal and professional life. The good news is that your aura can be easily repaired and reset to a safe limit. When people do this, their emotional walls tend to melt as well.

Let's test

Check for breaks in your aura by closing your eyes. Just keep it in mind. Where have they gone? In what range of size do they fall? Have you thought about blemishes that appear somewhat black or like scar tissue? Do you see any potential problems? Is your aura uniform in thickness, or are there denser spots? For the time being, just take stock and give yourself credit for developing your awareness.

What did you see when you opened your eyes? Is it just the holes or also the black areas that you saw, or both? Traumatic events can tear holes in the aura and weaken its integrity, or they can cause areas of the aura to become energy-starved, like scar tissue, and appear as black blotches.

Dark Areas

Some of us may keep memories of traumatic experiences with us for a variety of reasons, such as the desire to ensure that similar events never occur again or the belief that we are somehow more capable of withstanding future adversity because we have already overcome something so difficult. An aura with a black patch or stagnated energy is like adding a layer of scar tissue. Having an excessively scarred aura might make it difficult to connect with the here and now. It's like trying to see the world through a pair of glasses that have been covered with dirt and scratches. That's not how things are, and it shows in your analysis. It's possible you'll never realize how filthy your glasses are till you've used a freshly cleaned pair. You can be feeling alone and puzzled over why that is.

If you're at a low point, you can find yourself making sweeping generalizations about life. They're like bits of mental trash. They make it such that we can't really experience the here and now. Sometimes these shadows are so huge that they destroy otherwise healthy relationships because of an individual's inability to let go of the past. It's possible that you're being more guarded and unloving of yourself than is warranted right now. Those who have many flaws are less likely to interact with others and more likely to isolate themselves. I feel more secure with less people in my life.


People who forsake themselves are another kind. Their spirit takes off once they encounter adversity. The soul returns to the body once it is no longer under danger. This may seem like a good idea at the present, but it will have negative consequences in the future. When someone bounces, tiny holes are punched in their aura, opening the door for anyone and everything to enter. The focus is on the individuals rather than the causes. Instead of thinking, "I don't trust other people," thoughts like "I don't trust myself" begin to form.

A person with a porous aura is receptive to a great deal of energy. When this happens, you'll know more about your surroundings than you do about yourself. It's a precarious slope that might lead to even worse problems down the road. If anything goes wrong, you may experience a sense of being threatened or provoked and temporarily leave your body, causing further damage. The more holes you have, the more attuned you are to your surroundings and the less confident you are in who you are. Large-holed persons are often people-pleasers who believe that their own safety depends on the happiness of others around them.

Each and every one of us has flaws and shadowy areas. Both are things we've amassed as defense mechanisms to make us feel more secure, and we each have the ability to let go of them and let the light in. And then life happens, and you end up with even more of them. You should keep in touch with them to help them feel better as quickly as possible, so that you can be totally present.

Let's test

Are you prepared to discover new things? Close your eyes and reexamine the area for any blemishes or openings. Simply inquire, "When did you come here? " regarding any discovery made. I don't know why I'm clinging to you. Tell me how you're making me feel protected. Each risk has its reward, and both shadows and gaps in our lives may make us feel more secure. If you can identify which recesses in your environment provide you with a sense of security, you can give yourself that reassurance in a way that isn't tied to your experience of trauma. Let yourself receive whatever it is. Don't doubt your gut instincts.

Following the soul's guidance, let go of the shadows and patch the cracks: Envision the shadows disappearing and being absorbed into the land like fertilizer for our community. Watch as your aura repairs itself, filling up any gaps or tears, until it's uniform in appearance.

It's not uncommon for illumination to follow the closing of wounds. Some people are able to access long-forgotten memories and have profound epiphanies. This is not a contest, and there is no incorrect method. The law of attraction says that what you intend is what you get.


All right, let's apply the filter you choose to your aura. Keep in mind that it is the initial medium through which you interact with the world. So, you may decide how you want others to feel about you at first glance. Want to make more pals? Intensify your "I am adored" aura vibes. Attempting to gain additional esteem? Create an aura that says, "I am worthy of respect." After assessing your aura's size and quality, you may have come up with a personal affirmation you'd want to keep in mind. Affirmations like "It's safe to be me" (if insecurity has resulted in scar tissue) or "It's okay to be myself, regardless of my audience" (if insecurity has resulted in holes) may help you feel comfortable in your own skin again.

The ingenuity of this system is astounding. While friendship is something you seek, many you meet will feel uncomfortable due to your flaws. A customer of mine was deathly afraid of speaking in front of an audience. She would worry herself to sleepless nights before her weekly job presentations. Wednesday mornings were the worst of her week because no matter how much support she had, she still felt unworthy, inadequate, and rejected. We banished all of her insecurities and negative associations, had her aura fill the whole meeting room, and stated, "I am adored." I have worth and am appreciated. She seemed to be saying, "I am smart," with her body language. After several months of practice, she began to experience a rush while giving speeches in front of large audiences.

Let's Test

Try closing your eyes and searching your aura for clues. They can resemble post-it notes at times, and neon signs at others. You, and only you, can convey these messages. Put your faith in whatever happens. Obviously, the sign should stay up if you like it. Even if you don't, try to see it disappearing in the same way the black patches did. The next step is to put any aura-enhancing messages on paper. Pronounce them aloud and with authority. Put them anywhere you like in your aura.

Seeing clearly, having faith in oneself and the procedure. Take note of how you feel in your personal energy field as the week progresses. Note how others react to you. If it's working for you, excellent! If not, you should try to make changes.


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