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Pranic Healing: What Is It?

The Sanskrit term for life force is "prana." In Japan and China, it is referred to as "ki."

Prana is used to treat sickness in the unique and complete approach of natural healing known as pranic healing.

The creator of Modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, synthesized a number of esoteric, ancient healing techniques that have been successfully tested, studied, and rediscovered throughout the years.

The use of pranic healing has been regarded as a straightforward yet incredibly effective procedure that offers the patient instant advantages.

What exactly is this vital energy or life force?

It is, in a word, ENERGY!

Simply put, energy is what all matter in the cosmos is comprised of.

Have you ever considered that your emotions and mental processes are really waves of energy? Everything, from your personal connections to your financial success, may be reduced to an energetic "pattern." It's remarkable that we all have the intrinsic capacity to modify energy and experience its presence.

It is possible to alter the shape of energy.

In accordance with scientific theory, energy can only be converted from one form to another, but not generated or destroyed. Just consider the implications. By learning to manipulate energy, you may change the course of your life from disease to health, scarcity to plenty, anxiety to calm, and unhealthy relationships to strong, loving friendships.

We can help you with your path to healing. Reach out to us.

Because of the incorporation of energy, Pranic Healing encompasses far more than only the healing process. It not only raises consciousness about the human aura, the 'chakras,' (energy centers), and the ways in which they impact our well-being but also instructs us on how to scan the aura and identify the specific chakras that have been compromised. The more we know about energy, the more we realize that it is present in everything around us, from people to buildings to inanimate objects.

Prana: Its Essential Nature

What really differentiates the living from the dead? Each individual possesses a physical form consisting of organs and trillions of cells. What sets one apart from the other is a 'unseen' power that provides one with the awareness and consciousness necessary to experience life and renders the other unconscious forever.

Prana, also known as "Breath of Life" and "Vitality of the Soul," is the life-giving energy present in all organisms. As "living creatures," we cease to be without Prana.

Prana, or life energy, is all around us, as Grand Master Choa Kok Sui explains. Everywhere we look, there it is; we are surrounded by an ocean of life force.

Pranic Science: Its Foundational Principles

Pranic Healing is based on the following tenets:

Every living thing has the natural capacity to heal itself, which is known as the principle of self-recovery. Increasing one's pranic life power (a key factor in the healing process) is a fundamental application of the "principle of life force."

How does a Pranic Healing Session Work?

When a person has a Pranic Healing session, their energy field is balanced and they receive a surge of vitality. This vitality is not the energy of the healer, but rather, it is global energy. Pranic Healers are trained to channel and transmit universal energy to their patients, tailoring the energy's frequency and application based on the patient's illness. Touch is not necessary in Pranic Healing.

Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing are all greatly accelerated with Pranic Healing's three-step method.

Examination - Searching for Discrepancies in Energy

The term "cleansing" refers to the process of eliminating energy anomalies, such as the removal of negative or stale energy and the elimination of obstructions in the body's energy pathways.

Injecting new vitality into; replenishing

After the body has been purified, the final step is to infuse it with new "prana," or life force.

When we cut our fingers or bruise our legs, for instance, our bodies immediately go to work to stop the bleeding and begin mending the broken tissue. Our 'in-built' defense system shields us against the myriad of poisons, chemicals, and pollutants that we are subjected to on a daily basis from the places in which we find ourselves. When we're healthy and content, we have boundless reserves of vitality. Depression and exhaustion are common responses to illness and emotional stress. As a result, a healthy body has enough of prana, whereas a sick or diseased one has none. Incorporating more of the healing prana life energy found in the sun, air, and earth speeds up the recovery process.

Some Benefits of Pranic Healing

It just takes a few hours for parents to get their children's fevers down to a healthy level.

Most cases of the common cold and the flu may be cured in a day.

A few sessions can provide partial or considerable relief from serious conditions including eye, liver, kidney, cancer, and heart disease.

  • Enhanced vitality and better overall health

  • Peace of mind and contentment

  • Increased focus and recollection

  • Explicitly, a period of rapid spiritual development

  • Less anxiety and improved social abilities

  • increased confidence

  • Learn to improve your fortune by attracting good fortune.

If you struggling with any health condition, one of our practitioners can help. Reach out to us, we'd love to help.

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