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Meditation helps you transform your mind so you can transform your life

Meditation Group

Our meditation training will help you grow into the confident, healed, joyful person you know you really are.
You know you should be meditating, so what’s stopping you?

We all have our own particular limitations, whether they have to do with our capability to change our bodies or our health, our incapacity to avoid repeating the same results, or even just our capacity to believe in ourselves. We all have to deal with some kind of psychological stressor rather it is stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.  The goal of meditation is to improve the hardware in your brain, which ultimately improves your quality of life. 

At Aura Gods meditation training we give you the meditation techniques to help you heal, balance your chakras,  heal trauma, and level up any facet of your life; relationships, sex, diet, parenting, purpose, and beyond.

We teach you how to heal yourself, so you can heal the world.




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Can't make it into our office?

Aura Gods is the premiere in-home concierge holistic service. If you can not make it to our office, our care specialist will come to you or you can schedule a remote service via zoom. Below are the areas we schedule at-home visits.

Aura Gods Service Locations

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