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Changes in the body’s energetic conditions were measured through four sessions of non-touch Pranic Healing performed on a breast cancer subject. The healing protocol included steps to inhibit the lower chakras and to expand the upper chakras by manipulating subtle energy levels and patterns by the healer’s hands and intention. The parameter BP of the AMI (Apparatus for Meridian Identification), chosen as the marker for subtle energy (Qi-energy) level in the primary meridians of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), showed significant relative changes in the meridians resulting in an unusual reversal of the upper/lower Qi-energy imbalance as a result of the healing trial. The relative decrease in Qi-energy level was most conspicuous in those meridians supposedly related to the lower chakras which the healer targeted for “inhibition.” Conversely, the most conspicuous relative increase in Qi-energy level was seen in the meridians related to the upper chakras targeted for “expansion.” This is the first observation of Qi-energy changes by means of an electrically measurable variable, which provides strong objective evidence for the reality of Qi-energy manipulation claimed in non-touch energy healing. Other AMI parameters (AP and IQ) also showed significant changes in directions conducive for healing

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